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  • Hi everyone,

    Let me introduce new ARK delegate Maxi.

    I am an experienced developer having big interest in blockchain technologies. In my opinion ARK with its unusual DPoS concept really stands out among others. Instead of millions of incognito Bitcoin or Ethereum miners, in ARK we can observe an exciting competition between delegates striving for Top 51.

    At the same time, I noticed most of the delegates have the same standard features in their proposals: profit sharing 90% and more, fair profit distribution, fees covered, bonuses, and so on and so forth. It makes many delegates very similar to each other - which is not good for the project. I think it is better to have 51 quite different ways to encourage supporters: lotteries, gamification, rewarding for participation in other projects, etc. More creativity is needed to enliven ARK community.

    As for my proposal, the idea is to bring the competitive atmosphere existing among delegates to the voting process. Only top 51 voters are rewarded on a rotating basis. The rewards accumulated from forged tokens are equally paid twice a day to particular voters. The whole process is transparent and the table of leaders can be easily monitored at website

    There are some additional requirements for voters. First, it would be unfair to reward voters having close to zero balance, who are in top 51 just due to lack of greater contributors. So currently the minimum balance to qualify for payments is set to Ѧ1000. Second, as a kind of anti-hopping system, voters are required to support the delegate for at least 5 days to get on the top.

    Proposal details

    Delegate name: Maxi
    Delegate address: AbL9NbcdAB2xNwLCt9qdFvRnzgaLaDWJsp
    Profit share: 90%
    Payment interval: 5400 blocks (twice a day on a rotating basis)

    Go to the official website for more information.

    Please explore the working system in action at DevNet.

    Node setup is currently enough to demonstrate the proof of concept. As soon as significant voters support gathered, the environment will be scaled up as necessary.

    And last note. The order of payments is determined by how long the voter has been supporting the delegate. If you vote now, you will be among the first rewarded supporters - welcome!

  • Sounds interesting but how do you plan on getting the 1,000,000+ ark to be in the top 51 without more voters? Also, 90% seems quite low for profit share for such a huge investment.

  • @CuckBoss
    This is an attempt to attract big investors. To get into the top it is needed ~50 voters with balance 20-30K. In this case each of them will receive approximate reward Ѧ190 per payment cycle.

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