Another Chinese Translation Service Request

  • Hi Ark crew members and my follow Ark community followers, I’m Echo, enthusiast of Ark and English to Chinese translator. Are you still open for Chinese translation request? I would be very happy to get involved in the Ark website, whitepaper, PR material translation. Cheers, Echo

    Here’s a list of the work I’ve translated:

    • Book Translation: The Labyrinth of Power by Danny Yatom; Architecture and Town Planning by Joyce Oron
    • Play Proofreading: Clôture de l’amour by Pascal Rambert
    • Film subtitle translation: High Strung
    • China Snowboarding Association events and Silk Road interior design project translation
    • Website Localization:;
    • Application Localization: 30 fashion games for Games For Girls

  • @hiechooooo Hello Echo, and welcome to ark. We already have Chinese Translation Services complete. If you take a look at our website you will see a flag. Click that flag to transfer the web page to the current languages available. Although, in the future, we may need more Chinese Translation Services, depending on how much content is produced. Thank You for your post, if I hear of anything needed, I know exactly where to go. Cheers,

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