3 deposits for same L adress

  • Hello !
    I ve sent 3 deposits on Polo to Ark Lisk adress, nothing surprising but i ve used
    the same L adress for the 3 and i receive just the first deposit.
    It was yesterday at 11PM.
    Can u help please ?

  • Hello @antonë !

    In your case your 2-nd and 3-rd transactions will be processed manually and will show up on your ARK-TEC page later!
    This was a glitch that came up on the way. We are sorry about this but stay assured your transaction will show on your ARK-TEC page !
    Hope that helped ! :)

  • Hello !
    I have same problem.
    I ve sent 2 deposits on Polo to Ark Lisk Adress.
    Receive just the first.
    Can u help please ?

  • Hello Samuray,
    I have the same problem, i sent support email yesterday…
    can’t see the transaction

    (LISK) transacction ID : 11427734782730649755

  • @ARKEBUSE @angelzajia
    Hello guys !
    Submit a email with transactions details to : tec@ark.io Fixcrypt will resolve it as soon as he can !

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