Problem with Lisk deposit

  • To whom it may concern. I’m having a problem with my Lisk withdraw from poloniex. What happen is that I got an adress to send my Lisk to the Ark ICO. When I had tried to tranfer the Lisk, poloniex sends you a link to confirm the withdraw. When I clicked the link, it took me to a broken link.

    That is when my problem began, since the link was broken, I canceled the Transaction recipient 10692655019071254975L and asked for another address to send my Lisk( Address: 3855455748482247168L wich I manage to get the transaction done)

    My second operation was a success. I was able to get the Lisk turned into ark. The problem is that even with the broken link, the first operation got throught and I had already cancelled the transaction.
    Im very worried, where can I get any help.
    This is the transaction that went wrong because I already had cancelled the recipient adress, but the transaction got throught as you can see on the Lisk blockchain

    Complete LSK 2201.00000000
    2016-11-07 19:28:25
    Address: 10692655019071254975L
    Txid: 16277652102419014239

  • @jaymemsrj
    Yes I can see your transaction went thru!
    Did you sent the 2-nd transaction to the same adress? If this is the case your 2-nd transaction will be processed manually and will show up on your ARK-TEC page later!
    Hope that helped ! :)

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