hi I'm un

  • Hi I’m unable to copy and paste the btc or even lisk addresses to be able to send any money??

    I’ve clicked the icon at the side of it says copyed but it’s not in my clip board and I’ve double clicked the address says the address and copyed but it doesnt work???

    How can I can u payment? ?

    I’m using my phone Samsung s5 mini

    Cant get home to use the laptop b4 the list bonus runs out thanks

  • @stur5gt try using another browser !

  • @Samuray thanks used Firefox and it worked how we know how much currency well get,? Or do we get shares in the company

  • @stur5gt

    Your ark amount, and everybody elses goes down with every new investor that comes in!
    A fixed amount of tokens(~94M) will be divided to more and more ppl that join ARK-TEC !
    But in the same time ark token value goes up !
    Hope that helped !

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