• Hello ARK?
    I’m trying to apply for translation service.
    This is my first time to apply for translator at bitcointalk.org.
    However I know what I have to do and never regret you guys.
    If you give me several days, I’ll have done the translation work.
    (I’ll refer to other language translations which are already done.)

    A lot of Koreans are interested in ARK ICO now.
    I want to help them to join the ARK world.
    Thank you.

  • Hello @lionking !
    I am sorry, we are not offering any bounty for Korean translation atm.
    But there are several ways you can earn free ark’s! Here’s our blog post about all bounties we offer:

    We will take your offer in consideration for sure, and we will let you know if needed !
    Thank you very much for your interest !

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