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    Hello ARK comunity, I would like to introduce ourself to you as your possible delegate. We are relatively new into the cryptocoin’s world but our passion and dedication to these projects have made sure that we can immediately get on par with other delegates. You can also find us in other projects like OXY, RISE, KAPU, BLOCKPOOL and LWF

    Our delegate name is drusilla and what we offer you is a private and controlled access pool to be able to offer our voters the maximum rewards:

    • Daily payments with automated system
    • 95% of the daily forged is shared
    • Private and exclusive pool (restricted access)
    • Spot reservation until we are able to start to forge and proceed with payments
    • Reward depends on voting weight
    • Email and slack assistance every day

    As a private pool we have a limited amount of free seats. Currently we have 1.5M votes free and this is our cap; this amount of votes will allow us to get to forge and stay in a good area of the list’s delegates to allow our voters a constant daily income.
    When we reach our cap, we will stop looking for other voters.

    Follow this example:
    with two voters of 750K each, the maximum of votes would be reached immediately, this means that every voter will have a daily income equal to of our daily forged and forever!

    The bigger your vote, with fewer people you will have to divide the reward, the bigger your gain will be!

    We know perfectly well that it is not easy to leave a delegate who is already forging for someone who is not currently in the list of 101 even the proposal is more tempting. In this regard we have created a reservation system that will allow you to become part of our voters without actually moving your vote until we reach the minimum limit to get to forge and then be able to start payments. When enough votes have been collected to enter directly the ranking of the forge delegates, you will be contacted according to your preferences and you will be able to vote for us without losing any days of profit.
    Below you can follow the various updates depending on the reservations received and then stay updated on how many votes remain free before reaching the maximum limit:

    27/01/2018 - 1,5M votes free

    We thank you for spending your time reading our proposal, We hope to be able to count on your support in order to create an efficient delegate that meets the needs of investors. Our team is always at your disposal.

    ARK: AGzLMjoUiLbccC4YpaDsMRwHaoUwCoorQG (contact us before voting)
    Email: drusilla . ark @ gmail . com
    Slack: @ drusilla


    • Daily sharing increase to 95%
    • Private pool with controlled access for maximize the investors reward.

    Thanks for your time

    The slots available cap is now implemented!
    For our voters we offer 1,5M of free slots.
    For each vote taken we will update this page with the remaining available votes.

  • Update proposal:

    • spot reservation list is now up! Info on proposal.

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