is a scam

  • I have deposited 0.03417437 BTC in
    17omrSnCZCwtA6fAySkWtwgpBYwsgGLzgb on 31st JAN 2018. its almost 40 hours back . But till now i didn’t get my payout .

    my Payout address is 3D6zUjijN7ZHMeixnfbjGrsh9Bh1Cqetsk

    i sent mails to lot of times , no response from admin. i had chat 3 times with support team they said they were going to intiate manufind the attached ally. will get soon my payout. it happens 24 hours back. but till no payout.

    I registered in

    And sent personal messages to admin and posted thread ,once admin saw that he banned me … again i created another user… repeated same. He did for my 4 users.

    If want the proofs please find the attached docs.

    So I am requesting you all… please dont deposit amount in… Its completely Scam…



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