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  • ARK’s First Official MeetUp in Archchamp
    One of us has attended the meeting, met many founders and talked about our next steps to promote business based on Ark Ecosystem with the Ark’s CTO, FX Thoorens (what a surprise, he speaks an excellent Italian!)

    IoThingsMilan (iothingsmilan.com) on April 10th and 11th has an area dedicated to blockchain technology, we will be there to listen to the speakers, meet them and talk to the other attendants. The goal is to meet people/companies involved in this business to understand what they’re doing. And, of course, to talk about Ark Ecosystem.

    Stable payment every Monday, we will continue to pay our investors on Monday (was Sunday in the original proposal) as from the first payment. It is easier to manage for us.

    Node setup, update: the productivity is high, 99,95%, another node with the same specs has been added mainly for testing purpose and, if needed, as backup.

    Contact us
    Any suggestion is always welcome, please feel free to contact us per email.
    Delegate name: locama
    Email: locama.delegate@gmail.com

  • sleepdeficit (simon) has done a lot of work and created libraries for IoT and Ark if you would like to refer to it for the IoThings meetup. Thanks for your efforts and getting started on this.

  • @mike noted, thank you.
    after the event I’ll write a feedback, I’m curious to hear iota foundation’s (official italian representative?) speech.

  • The conference we attended was on IoT but offered excellent insights on blockchain technology in Italy: were presented some serious projects, we refer mainly to Ernst & Young and IBM.
    On specific request, they claim to integrate existing blockchain frameworks and platforms (not Ark) with proprietary developments. We are talking about big projects involving corporations (banking & insurance), not medium-sized companies.
    Iota Foundation speech was too technical and the project seems quite far from any concrete application.
    Other presentations at the conference did (intentionally?) big confusion between blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, often both called bitcoins. We heard a speaker (a well-known journalist) say that blockchain technology would be illegal in Italy, he wasn’t joking.
    Meeting people and companies, we realized that there is still poor knowledge of what blockchain technology is and what benefits it can achieve also for medium-sized companies.
    We’re working on a website in Italian that speaks about blockchain and Ark Ecosystem.
    As Italian Ark delegates we will translate in Italian Ark’s technical documents and also provide a step by step guide to buy Ark.
    We always speak about blockchain and Ark with all the business contacts we meet, the first goal is to organize a meetup in Italy in the next few months, after summer holidays would be perfect.
    Updates will follow, as usual feel free to ask us any info.

  • Hello,
    we will be attendending the Blockchain Business Case Forum in Milan, Italy, on June 27th, updates follow.

    Here the link if you wish to join the event, a few seats are still available:

    Please feel free to contact us to meet there.

  • Blockchain & Ark seem to generate great interest among business contacts, over 500 views in a couple of days, 2 requests for seats

  • Here is the first part of the update on the Blockchain Business Case Forum event that took place in Milan, many ideas to think about and a series of meetings to follow (this report has already been posted on the Slack).

    The event was very professional and crowded, probably it was the best meeting made so far in Italy. We attended the event along with another Italian delegate, axi.

    There were many interesting speeches, in this first update we begin to describe those concerning initiatives related to Public Administration.

    European committee for Standardization
    They are working to create a standard consensus model to work with the public administration, D-POA, Distributed Proof of Authorities.

    Italian custom agency
    The Italian agency is working with all the custom agencies of European Commission on the Electronic Customs project. The goal of the project is to use blockchain to cut costs on the controls, improve traceability and certify some products.
    In Italy there is already a pilot project covering a typical Italian alcoholic beverage called Genepy.

    Italian chambers of commerce
    Already certify products’ made in Italy for registered companies: there are a series of complex procedures and frequent checks, at the end a specific label is issued (for example 100% Italian, 60% Italian, Designed in Italy).
    They are working to upgrade to blockchain technology in order to cut costs and make processes transparent.

    World Food Program
    World Food Program is an organization that distributes free food to the needy and is totally financed by donations.
    They described a case of blockchain that they are using to help 10,000 people in a Syrian city to pick up food in local supermarkets. Each person is identified by the World Food Program (retinal scan), when a person buys food in the supermarket, at the checkout is identified and the World Food Program makes the payment directly to the supermarket. Technology solves the problems of the very high bank commissions and the missed payments to supermarkets that have occurred using the intermediation of local banks that do not meet international standards. Using blockchain they save money, saving money that can help more people and every payment can be tracked by World Food Program donors.

    San Marino, a small independent state in central Italy.
    The Minister of Innovation attended the event, he said that San Marino is working on laws that allow a company registered in the state to launch ICO without having to go to Switzerland, Malta or Estonia. By the end of 2018, he said.

    In the next updates we will describe private initiatives (companies upgrading to blockchain and startups), our feelings about the event and follow-up meetings that we set to present Ark Ecosystem: nobody knows about Ark, event participants were not technical people

  • http://www.ark-italia.it
    the first site dedicated to Ark in Italian is online.

    Since we have seen that most of the people we meet do not know Ark, the aim of this website is to talk about Ark to Italian interested in the blockchain technology.

    It is the first release, many contents will be translated into Italian from the official Ark site and some guides will be published for non-expert (non-technical) people who can help, for example, to buy Ark or manage the wallet.

    In different sections (About and Disclaimer) it is specified that the site is not official but it is realized by Italian Ark enthusiasts (and Ark delegates, @locama and @axi) to bring together Italian fans.

    Please note that supporting our business development/marketing activities to promote ARK inside real companies will increase the value of the coins you already have.

    Updates will follow, feedback or suggestions are always welcome.
    feel free to contact us on Slack: @locama

  • Here we are again after a quarter of very intense work in “non-crypto” life.

    Although at the time of writing this message we are ranked 52, we will continue to support Ark, please feel free to contact us to join our pool (sharing remains 90%).

    Our latest news:

    We’ve added another relay node, you can find it on arkstats.net;

    We’are actively working on our sidechain project based on Ark;

    The site dedicated to Ark in Italian is online but it is still far from what we want, we will work on it.

    The next event we will participate in is Blockchain Forum Italia which will take place on November 7th in Milan, the entrance has a cost (300EU), but speakers are respected professionals.
    Here the link if you wish to join the event: https://www.blockchainforumitalia.com/eng-about/

    Feedback, suggestions or requests to join our pool are always welcome,
    feel free to contact us on Slack: @locama

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