arkadia_growthpool - for early voters: 100% payout for first 6 months, extra 2% payout FOREVER, Effective payout 99.02% FOREVER

  • My name is Eagle. I am living in Hong Kong. I have worked in back-office for a few investment banks and international banking groups. I was graduated from the University of Manchester in the UK reading economics.

    Pool Objective

    Promote ARK in APAC region and become the pool with the highest payout ratio to support the ARK ecosystem.

    Short Term Goal
    Publish more articles on ARK Educate blog to educate the general public about ARK in Chinese, French, German, Arabic, and English.


    Since the day of becoming one of the top 51 delegates, the payout would be 100% for the first day and the following 179 days for early voters. After 180 days, early voters will receive extra 2% from late voters. The payout ratio will depend on the ranking of arkadia_growthpool at the time of distribution. By following below payout schedule, you can get 100% payout in 50.98% (=(51-25)/51) of the slots.
    0_1515919275064_delegates ranking.JPG

    Dedicated Server

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X, Octa-Core “Summit Ridge” (Zen), Simultaneous Multithreading
    RAM: 64 GB DDR4 RAM
    SSD: 2 x 500 GB
    Bandwidth: 1 Gbit/s
    Network availability: min. 99.9%
    Server location: Germany

    With DDoS protection and Firewall

    Setup fee: 3 ARK/day (Only need to pay for the first month)
    Maintenance Costs: 3 ARK/day


    • Guaranteed sharing rate
    • No minimum amount required
    • No maximum threshold
    • No cap on payout
    • Transparent, transparent report will be published

    Other Specifications:

    minimum amount limit for payout: 10 ARK

    Transaction and server fees will be deducted before the payout is distributed.

    The pool will start paying once in the 51 slots.

    Payment Frequency

    Daily before 12am HKT

    Delegate Name: arkadia_growthpool



    Delegate address:

    Slack: Eagle

    Telegram: arkadia_eagle

    Please feel free to contact me if you would like to join us or have any suggestions/queries.

  • Thanks to the support from Ark crew, arkadia_dark is contributing to the testnet quite sometime!
    0_1518016040181_testnet 20180207.JPG

    The forging is using the following server:
    VCPUS 1 vCPU
    SSD DISK 25 GB

  • arkadia_growthpool is ranked 73 now! 22 up to become 51!
    To all the voters, thank you for your votes.

    0_1518103124753_Rank 73.JPG

  • A new post to teach you how to calculate the payout amount of delegates is published.

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