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    // 92% daily payout // 4% for paid marketing.

    • Introduction

    My name is Fanustt, 25 years old and having over 8 years experience as a IT network admin in school and over 2 years of investment experience. Currently the education software on most schools are mostly unsecure and easily hackable, the blockchain and the new EU privacy laws, will change the education world very quickly.

    and this is my delegate proposal:

    • Currently ARK isn’t SEO nor getting influencers online, thus not creating awareness.
    • Paid Ads(No profits ad, but educational ads about ark itself).
    • Using the fund for devoplment of new educational software(Examtaker for example).

    My Skills

    Mostly having experience with Centos and Microsoft for networking and building up schools infrasctructure. I’ve built a couple of Ecommerce websites with HTML CSS PHP, mySQL and Wordpress. Also a certified mikrotik network administrator.

    My Proposal

    My first priority is building a app on the blockchain that serves as exam taker. Currently most school work with a examtaker but they don’t have any encryption or it is on paper which can easily be hacked, being lost or edited.
    In my own experience , teacher often forget the password or lose data files.
    (Technical whitepaper released soon).

    Second priority:
    is building a community-driven Social media for helping creating awareness for ARK. Preferably not profit based but educational based(How to vote etc ). Social media games for ARK coins that were forged.

    Third priority:

    Brainstorming about creating various apps in the education sector, due many connections of myself in this world. Maybe we could get a vote every quarter.

    My Network Setup

    Redundancy servers around the world, and the main server based on europe(if possible). It will Probably run in the cloud, not shared but private. Prefer HA-IP.

    Node Setup

    Server Host:,, and
    CPU Speed: TBA
    RAM:  TBA
    Location: Netherlands
    Network Speed: Minimal 500 MBPS


    I want to tackle the education software with blockchain features and with forging i could hire devops and create a ARK app based on privacy and security for schools. In my own experience, the software for education is very outdated and could be easily hacked by just google it. It would be a huge exposure for ARK. Also creating a social media community, will help the average investor to check out ark and his potential which is great.

    I will create a delegate as soon there is enough exposure.

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