SmartBridge Encoded Listeners are not trustless or fault tolerant

  • This is addressed to the development team, hopefully they can set me straight if I’m understanding this incorrectly. I’ve read about Ark’s differentiator(in a plethora of block-chain platforms), it’s SmartBridge protocol and it certainly makes market and technical sense. Blockchains needs to be able to talk to each other, there’s no one-size fits all.

    While it’s true that the network itself uses DPOS to be trust-less, it doesn’t appear that the encoded listeners are. At first glance these encoders are not distributed, and do not leverage a trust-less system to ensure that remote block-chain invocations ACTUALLY happen. So in theory, one could deploy an encoded listener with modified code to basically deposit all ark sent to it in a private wallet, or some other malicious intent.
    There’s mentions of validation of encoded listeners, but sounds a little centralized to me.
    This seems like an oversight on this mechanism and imo, I don’t think it’ll garner the attention and adoption it needs to be successful(partnerships may be harmed because of this)

    Can the encoded listeners be designed in a way that addresses these concerns?

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