100% reward split for YOUR first 3 months. After that YOU DECIDE.

  • Delegation Currently Suspended. Please DO NOT VOTE. We will be returning in Q2 2019

    Our 100% reward split 3 month introductory offer has been changed slightly. For the better.

    After you have been voting for us for longer than 3 months, you will be automatically moved to a 95% profit share. We know that you could just switch wallets and start voting for us again and get another 3 months at 100%. We hope you don’t and so we have let YOU DECIDE YOUR OWN PROFIT RATE.

    Simply go into the VOTER STATISTICS section of our website, use your wallet to create a signed message from one time unique code you are presented with on the page and you can change your own percentage rate back up to 100% again. If you think we’re doing a great job before the three months are up, you can change it to whatever you want, whenever you want, and give us a higher commission of the reward.

    Established in 2004, Provolve is used to successfully delivering large projects in pressured environments.

    Being an active, forging delegate is treated just like any other one of our projects and delivered in a scalable, reliable and professional manner.

    We have the resources and the skills to ensure that you receive the maximum returns that any delegate could offer.

    Our Unique Proposal Includes :

    • 100% profit share for the first 3 months.

    • We pay Tx fees (0.2 ARK minimum payout) .

    • Choose your own payment frequency.

    • You decide your own percentage profit split.

    • Up-to-date payment statistics and interesting information on our constantly updated website.

    • Great Reliability.

    • True Block Weight Calculation and 100% automated payments.

    • Public Pool - all you need to do is vote. Everything else is 100% automated.

    Transparency is at the forefront of this project, our website is updated regularly and you can follow our journey up the rankings on our Statistics Page

    We are sure that ARK is going to be recognised as the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem. Our organisation will eventually use the proceeds from being an active ARK delegate to continue researching and developing new and innovative solutions based on the technology, widening its exposure and usage, whilst constantly promoting and advertising real-world use of the crypto currency.

    We have now been actively forging for 3 months. Our payments are fully automated and will be made in 24 hour increments from the time that you start voting for us.

    For more information about our work with ARK take a look at our our web site


  • I voted but how do I get paid? where can I adjust the frequency of payout?

  • @radnetro said in Active Forging Delegate!!! 100% reward split for the first 3 months. VOTE FOR PROVOLVE.:

    Hi, please contact me, through our website or on Slack and I will update your payment terms.
    Many Thanks,

  • @radnetro All info can be found on your Voter Statistics page:


  • Lottery was drawn on the 31st March. Results here:

    Congrats to AGNJegwMBk35sMR1R2TtHjh9xXgndJuqeJ

    200 ARK paid.

  • Edited proposal to include Choose Your Own Profit Share.

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