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    Welcome to the Arkade! :video_game:

    We would like to introduce ourselves and our community. arkade_delegate is the delegate dedicated to outreach geared toward gamers. Making up the arkade_delegate team is a group of passionate gamers with varied backgrounds and expertise in cybersecurity, low-level hardware engineering, electromechanical engineering, and statistical quality control.

    Mission Statement

    Crypto on the rise: The growing acceptance of a decentralized financial marketplace along with the unmatched security and efficiency of distributed databases puts cryptocurrencies in a position of (continued) exponential success. This revolutionary technology is making its way to both the average investor and colossal tech companies like IBM. The cash pool is turning into an ocean, the whales are already peacefully drifting, and the sharks are starting to sense the action.

    Esports on the Moon: The numbers have already been exploding in the realm of online competitive gaming. Gamers, streamers, and viewers now comprise a truly substantial consumer market:

    • Dota 2’s big yearly tournament, The International, hit an all-time high prize pool of $24M in 2017
    • Twitch reports about a million concurrent viewers for an increasing number of streamers
    • Riot Games’ League of Legends boasts 100M monthly players and 27M consumers of their live streams
    • Esports betting startups like Unikrn are being backed with up to $25M+ from investors like Mark Cuban
    • ESPN’s presence adds to the mainstream legitimacy and adoption of esports across all generations

    Ark on the beat: There is a tremendous opportunity to be found in conducting together the online gaming orchestra and the cryptocurrency symphony. Both markets are on the rise and are fueled by the upcoming generations. We are eager to use this delegate position as a means to feed the fire of competition that sets the gaming scene ablaze. We believe that offering prize pools for regular tournaments mainly in Ark will expose the participating gamers to basic crypto experiences like setting up a wallet and using currency exchanges. The team hopes to leverage Twitch and other streaming tools as a means to facilitate the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

    The arkade_delegate team wants to bring Ark to communities of gamers worldwide. If you would like to join us in our quest, find us on Discord! While there, feel free to ask about your questions/comments/concerns or even join one of us in games such as Overwatch and Dota 2!

    Who we are

    Bootleg is by degree a Mechanical Engineer; however, he prefers to see himself as a budding “software engineer/researcher.” Starting with an insatiable quest to learn about blockchains, he has grown to love and admire the technology, specifically Ark and its community. He asks stupid questions on the Slack channel and attempts to rack up sweet, sweet karma by answering “New” posts on Reddit. Growing up within the World of Warcraft, Bootleg has developed a passion for gaming through love-hate relationships with Warcraft, StarCraft II, Counterstrike:Source&GO, Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, and most recently Overwatch. He hopes to be able to give back to the community that has been a huge influence on him.

    Bohig builds FPGA-based signal-processing systems at his day job but also writes loads of Python and C. The first game he can remember being heavily consumed by was Ultima Online; since then he’s made the rounds of MMOGs, but his favorite will always be Star Wars Galaxies. Although he only recently started investing in cryptocurrency, the technology is not new to him (having missed out on Bitcoin after college). He’s really looking forward to helping introduce Ark to gamers.

    BluJay is a security software engineer. He has been interested in and studied blockchain systems for the past year, and is currently exploring other technical fields ranging from natural language processing to distributed computing. He’s been a gamer since he was a toddler, starting with educational games for children. He quickly made the leap to more traditional video games, and has been a fan of the Super Smash Bros. series since the early 2000’s. Some of the other influential games he’s played extensively are Starcraft II, League of Legends, Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike GO, and most recently Overwatch. He also enjoys working on side coding projects as well as writing lyrics and producing music.

    Balillama works with programmable logic controllers as a Manufacturing Engineer to develop, support, and enhance fully automated assembly systems. He’s been playing FIFA since PS1 and COD Zombies since the simpler Kino days. With Ark, he hopes to give back to the gaming community by organizing tournaments that promote both the currency and the passion for challenge. He has been studying blockchain and other distributed computing/consensus protocols extensively and is excited to take part in building a more independent and efficient future for money.

    Bsquirrel is a software security researcher, fried food fanatic, alliteration admirer, first-letter conformist, consulting cryptographer, and contingency sysadmin. He is also alleged to bury sed scripts in the garden for safekeeping. Bsquirrel unconvincingly denies responsibility for several dozen Kerbals stranded on the Mun.

    Yes, we all have the same first letter…no, it was only partially planned.

    Now that you have met the team and understand our desire to mesh the growing world of Ark with gaming, we hope you will consider the following proposal:


    For the first month, our payout allocation is broken down below:

    • 90% Voter Payout
    • 8% Gaming Community Outreach
    • 1% Voter Fee Refunding (to cover pre-forging voters)
    • 1% Overhead Fees

    In order to attract a wide range of gamers and streamers, we aim to make Ark as simple and risk free as possible. Because of this we are promising REFUNDED VOTING FEES, TRANSCATION FEES, AND SECOND PASSPHRASE FEES TO OUR VOTERS FOR LIFE. Please follow this guide to your refunds! We do not want anyone to have an excuse not to participate in our community and reap the rewards.

    Arkade_delegate’s payout frequency will be weekly - with customizable profiles coming with the website release. In order to prevent spamming, we are limiting refunds to those voters who are staking at least 2 Ark (aka if your wallet holds equal to or greater than 2 Ark, you can get refunds). Additionally, there is a requirement that voters must have been with us for at least 1 day (211 blocks) to get refunds. This is to prevent malicious spamming of our network.

    After one month of forging, we will be changing the profit sharing portion to the following:

    • 86% Voter Payout
    • 8% Gaming Community Outreach
    • 6% Overhead Fees

    As a way of reaching out to the gaming communities, the arkade_delegate team is planning to use 6% of the 8% allocation to fund multiple weekly $500 automated online tournaments in various games such as Dota2, CSGO, Overwatch, League of Legends, and others. The other 2% of the 8% of the gaming outreach funds will be stored to annually sponsor a larger gaming tournament.

    We are currently registered on Battlefy—an online automated esports tournament platform—as an Organizer. You can find our official organizer page here. Our promise is to have an automated online weekly tournament setup via Battlefy at least two weeks after we achieve rank in the top 51 delegates. We also want to be very clear that members from the team are explicitly prohibited from participating in said tournaments.

    High-level Tournament Outline

    While smaller automated tournaments are excellent for building groundswell for Ark in gaming, larger tournaments serve as excellent awareness platforms. The team hopes to eventually reach the following games on a larger tournament scale. Initial exploration and research has targeted the games marked with italics to denote priority. We will continue to research and invest in other games given their popularity and the desire from our community.

    PC Games:

    • Dota 2
    • Overwatch
    • CounterStrike: GO
    • League of Legends
    • Playerunknown’s Battleground (PUBG)
    • Fortnite: Battle Royal

    Console Games:

    • FIFA
    • Playerunknown’s Battleground (PUBG)
    • Fortnite: Battle Royal

    Weekly Tournaments
    The team will begin by allocating 6% out of the 8% gaming outreach fund to provide weekly tournaments to anyone who wants to join, free of charge.

    Each weekly tournament will have an Ark equivalent prize pool of ~$500 (minimal price fluctuations expected)

    • 1st Place: $300
    • 2nd Place: $150
    • 3rd Place: $50

    Payouts will be in Ark; however, we have put together guides here on how to transfer to other cryptocurrencies and fiat. Once we figure out logistics, we will be expanding payment options directly to ETH, BTC, LTC, and in the future fiat.

    Annual Tournament
    With the remaining 2% out of the 8% of the gaming outreach fund, the team plans on sponsoring one annual large existing tournament. As one can imagine, the hosting of any LAN tournament, big or small, is extremely difficult and should be left to professionals. The goal is to reach out to a tournament where the amount of money we provide will be of comparable contribution to that of other sponsors. We plan to broadcast live updates of the current accumulated tournament prize pool amount—for transparency and hype!


    As part of our growing desire to give back to both the Ark and the gaming communities, below are a list of features currently in the works:

    • Redesigned Payout script to include:
      • Rolling Balances
      • Disincentivizing of Pool Hoppers through the implementation of Loyalty Weighting and Historical True Block Weight
    • Backup script to provide higher productivity and reduce missed blocks
    • Website featuring:
      • Customizable payout frequencies
      • Delegate stats
      • Notification feed for voter payouts
      • Profit Calculator
      • Information for newcomers on blockchain and Ark basics including:
        • Guides on buying Ark, voting with Ark, and staking with Ark
        • Links to ongoing tournaments as well as those we are streaming on
    • Contributions to Ark in other forms of dev work
    • Continued contributions to our Slack and Reddit presence and general information help via:
      • Familiarizing newcomers to the ecosystem
      • Addressing general “beginner” questions
      • Directing inquiries to the appropriate posts/developers

    Server Specs

    From Vultr:

    Mainnet Node 1

    • 4 CPU
    • 8 GB RAM
    • 100 GB SSD

    Mainnet Node 2 (Backup):

    • 4 CPU
    • 8 GB RAM
    • 100 GB SSD

    Devnet Node 1

    • 2 CPU
    • 4 GB RAM
    • 60 GB SSD

    These servers are expected to evolve with the needs of the network.


    The arkade_delegate team hopes to build and foster a community of gamers alongside the Ark Ecosystem. By providing weekly automated tournaments in numerous games and sponsoring a LAN tournament annually, ark_delegate hopes to give back to the gaming and crypto communities that have collectively given them so much and bring them together in what they believe is a natural partnership. Here are some more benefits of joining our community!

    When voting for us, please remember to follow this guide to make sure you are voting correctly for arkade_delegate

    Contact Us!

    You can reach the arkade_delegate team first and foremost on Discord. Come ask us any questions and be part of the community!

    You can also find us on:
    Slack: @Bootlegjim, @Balillama, @Bohig
    Twitter: @Arkade_delegate

  • The team has taken feedback from the community to attempt to clarify our profit sharing portions. We have updated our title and body to reflect that feedback. Now, we explicitly state our direct profit sharing portions alongside our outreach platform. We are currently rank 78 on the vote report. Come join our Discord if you have any comments/questions/concerns - or if you just want to play or talk about games with us!

  • Hey everyone! As of 8am EST we have been voted in!! We are ecstatic to be able to start the journey with you all. Over the night many delegates had some sync issues with their nodes, we were hit as well. We think it had to do with noah - which is a backup script - pulling from an out of date snapshot. We are fixing the problem right now and will be refunding Ark for missed blocks.

  • Update: We are currently forging again and making sure that the backup scripts are not pulling on outdated snapshots. Thank you again!

  • We appreciate the patience we’ve witnessed from our voters. We have refunded the affected accounts. We will be releasing the guides on how to get your fees refunded, for life, stay tuned for more information. Additionally, we will be working with FACEIT to set up some dry runs in preparation for our first tournament coming up in a few weeks. These pre-runs will allow us to:

    • Build a more effective guide on the accessibility and functionality of the FACEIT platform
    • Test the extent of the administrative tools available for us
    • Report on a solid date and time for our flagship tournament

  • As promised to our esteemed voters, here is your guide to a lifetime of refunded transaction fees! Join The Arkade for a chance to interact with a fee-free Ark Ecosystem. The Arkade_delegate team will continue providing our supporters with the ease of mind and convenience of adopting Ark. Stay tuned early next week for our first rounds of payouts and refunds!

  • We have just finished our first round of payouts and refunds! A huge thank you to our voters - remember transactions in the ecosystem are free for our voters! Come join us on discord at for questions/comments/concerns or to just hang out!

  • Hey everyone! We wanted to add some transparency to the work that we produce to support the goals put forth in our proposal. To do that, we will be giving periodic “Transparency Reports” to keep the community and our voters up to date with the pursuits they are supporting. Please find our report #1:

    Additionally, our weekly payouts will be rolling out tonight!

  • EDIT: Quick update, we have finished this weeks payout, thank you to our voters once again! We would like just let everyone know that we have updated our medium post to reflect some very recent changes

  • Hey again everyone! As promise - here is a small peak to the test tournament we ran yesterday to help facilitate the preparation of the first full blown 5 vs 5 League of Legends tournament we plan to announce soon!

  • Hey everyone! Earlier today we introduced the first of many weekly Ark powered tournaments. The flagship tournament will be for League of Legends. Come join the free-to-play competition where you will battle it out for $300 (~92 Ark) for 1st, $150 (~46 Ark) for 2nd, and $50 (~15 Ark) for 3rd. Anyone and everybody is welcome to participate! Give Ark some love on r/CryptoCurrency - show them where our passion is :slightly_smiling_face: (additionally, that post links to the one on r/leagueoflegends, show some support there too!)

    For our voters: we finished our 3rd round of payouts earlier today. Thank you for supporting us!

  • Hello everyone!

    The team is pleased to announce some awesome things that have happened this weekend.

    1. We held out first tournament!! Wooo! There was some hiccups when we started but after we started the first matches there was absolutely no issues. Check out the winners and a summary of the tournament!
    2. We have also announced out second tournament for this upcoming weekend, March 24th @ 7pm UTC for the Europe West regions.
    3. We have continued developing in the background and have finalized our own personal TBW script which will prevent pool hoppers and provide much more accurate payouts. We have been working as well on discord bots and some other automation projects for internal use.

    Thank you again to our voters and supporters <3

  • Little late on this guy here. We held a League tournament on EU W last weekend. Summary:
    We had a bit of a low turnout but we are expecting good numbers for our NA league tournament this upcoming weekend. Additionally, we completed our 5th week of payouts. Thank you to our valuable voters, we wouldn’t be here without you.

    Coming up on our list is most likely another transparency report to give our voters insight into a full month of tournaments we have hosted and to our plan for getting a website up and running.

  • Hey!

    We just sent out another payout round of voter profit sharing using TBW. Thank you all for the continued support and participation!

    This past Saturday we held our third League of Legends tournament (second for the NA region) on Battlefy. Check out this medium post to learn more about how that tournament went:

    We look forward to hold yet another LoL tournament for the NA region next week. Stay tuned!

  • Last tournament was a huge success… we had a great tournament with some legit amateur clubs which included a little bit of rivalry. Check it out!

    This week we will be trying out a Dota 2 tournament for all, so check it out!

    Also, payouts went out today, thank you again to our very loved voters.

  • Hey all, a little tardy on this guy. We have some work in progress regarding some new games we would like to work with, it’s a bit slow to get people to understand what we are trying to do, but we will keep moving forward. We paid out our voters a few days ago for the previous week and we will will be hosting our next Dota tournament this Sunday at 5pm EDT ( Stay tuned for more!

  • Just checking up with everyone that we have paid our voters for last week’s share. We will most likely move our focus to our twitter, slack, and reddit given the nature of those medium being more active. We will periodically give updates here, but not as frequently as the other sources. Check out our twitter for updates!

  • Loving every minute of it!!!

    Arkio Arkio Go go go !!! :thumbsup:

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