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  • Hey again everyone! As promise - here is a small peak to the test tournament we ran yesterday to help facilitate the preparation of the first full blown 5 vs 5 League of Legends tournament we plan to announce soon!

  • Hey everyone! Earlier today we introduced the first of many weekly Ark powered tournaments. The flagship tournament will be for League of Legends. Come join the free-to-play competition where you will battle it out for $300 (~92 Ark) for 1st, $150 (~46 Ark) for 2nd, and $50 (~15 Ark) for 3rd. Anyone and everybody is welcome to participate! Give Ark some love on r/CryptoCurrency - show them where our passion is :slightly_smiling_face: (additionally, that post links to the one on r/leagueoflegends, show some support there too!)

    For our voters: we finished our 3rd round of payouts earlier today. Thank you for supporting us!

  • Hello everyone!

    The team is pleased to announce some awesome things that have happened this weekend.

    1. We held out first tournament!! Wooo! There was some hiccups when we started but after we started the first matches there was absolutely no issues. Check out the winners and a summary of the tournament!
    2. We have also announced out second tournament for this upcoming weekend, March 24th @ 7pm UTC for the Europe West regions.
    3. We have continued developing in the background and have finalized our own personal TBW script which will prevent pool hoppers and provide much more accurate payouts. We have been working as well on discord bots and some other automation projects for internal use.

    Thank you again to our voters and supporters <3

  • Little late on this guy here. We held a League tournament on EU W last weekend. Summary:
    We had a bit of a low turnout but we are expecting good numbers for our NA league tournament this upcoming weekend. Additionally, we completed our 5th week of payouts. Thank you to our valuable voters, we wouldn’t be here without you.

    Coming up on our list is most likely another transparency report to give our voters insight into a full month of tournaments we have hosted and to our plan for getting a website up and running.

  • Hey!

    We just sent out another payout round of voter profit sharing using TBW. Thank you all for the continued support and participation!

    This past Saturday we held our third League of Legends tournament (second for the NA region) on Battlefy. Check out this medium post to learn more about how that tournament went:

    We look forward to hold yet another LoL tournament for the NA region next week. Stay tuned!

  • Last tournament was a huge success… we had a great tournament with some legit amateur clubs which included a little bit of rivalry. Check it out!

    This week we will be trying out a Dota 2 tournament for all, so check it out!

    Also, payouts went out today, thank you again to our very loved voters.

  • Hey all, a little tardy on this guy. We have some work in progress regarding some new games we would like to work with, it’s a bit slow to get people to understand what we are trying to do, but we will keep moving forward. We paid out our voters a few days ago for the previous week and we will will be hosting our next Dota tournament this Sunday at 5pm EDT ( Stay tuned for more!

  • Just checking up with everyone that we have paid our voters for last week’s share. We will most likely move our focus to our twitter, slack, and reddit given the nature of those medium being more active. We will periodically give updates here, but not as frequently as the other sources. Check out our twitter for updates!

  • Loving every minute of it!!!

    Arkio Arkio Go go go !!! :thumbsup:

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