Is Blockchain of the future ? = Guidance Needed

  • Hi,

    Everyone here seems to be veterans of, and I have been doing research and it seems very promising.

    I have a project, and wondering if is the blockchain for me…

    1. Can it have child chains on the network.

    ie. Mcdonalds can have their own child chain
    Burger king can have their own child chain.

    and they can trade currency between the two.

    1. Is it scalable or is there a blockchain bloat ?
    1. Can I create a Steemit clone easily ? - ie. Users get incentives to comment, post.
    1. Can it handle asset management. (upload house/gold/diamonds/inventoy to blockchain, which will issue coin based on value of assets)
    1. Can I build a website, and have all the features of a website on your network.

    I have seen the blockchain ‘Ardor’

    This is exceptional technology, but so is

    Any honest feedback would be greatly appreciated

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