ARK client and Ledger Nano error, invalid channel

  • Hi there

    I’ve transferred some ARK from my ARK client account to my hardware adress of the Nano. Since a few days and when I’m connecting the Nano, the account of the Nano doesn’t show up anymore. In the history, I see the transaction to the hardware adress…but I can’t transfer the ARKs, a message “error - invalid channel” pops up. Furthermore, the ARK client sometimes completely freezes when I’m connecting the Nano (the Nano freezes too…)

    Thanks for help!

  • hello ? technical support ?

  • my HD derivation adress was: Address 44’/111’/0’/0/0

    don’t know if has something to do with this.
    please help

  • I would recomend to try to contact the client provider.

Looks like your connection to ARK client and Ledger Nano error was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect.