Introducing - ozpoolprivate - high uptime / high payout delegate 96%

  • Hi all, we are announcing ozpoolprivate. Several voters over the past month has asked us to run a second delegate. This will be open to any voter over 20k votes with a first round cap of 1.4m votes before we close the pool. As always our aim is to deliver a high up-time environment. Our current environment (ozpooldelegate) has forged approximately 35,000 ARK with around a 99.5% up-time.

    If you are an existing Delegate and vote holder and run a private pool why not take the hassle out of your day, sit back and let us forge all of those ARK for you.

    If you are a large vote holder and want a reliable delegate then please consider us.

    ozpoolprivate - high up-time / high payout delegate

    Our Proposal
    • As long as our public pool “ozpooldelegate” is forging we will pay 96% payout for “ozpoolprivate”
    • If “ozpooldelegate” is voted out we will pay 92% payout for “ozpoolprivate” until voted back in
    • Weekly payouts

    Our Network
    We host in a VPS environment and have standby Nodes prepared for fast failover and maintenance. Our MAINNET is further secured with an internet edge firewall and DDoS protection.

    Node Setup (MAINNET NODES)
    OS: Ubuntu 16.04 x64
    CPU: 4 core
    RAM: 12GB
    Storage: 100 GB SSD
    Location: Europe and US

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