2018 ARK bracket challenge - delegate sponsered!

  • Please see this medium post for details on the 2018 Ark Bracket challenge which has been sponsered by several delegates.


  • 17 entrants thus far and prize pool has risen to 1251 ark… Get in while you can :)

  • Quick update! Less than 21 hours until brackets lock and we have 30+ entrants into the bracket challenge and a pot that just surpassed 1300 ark. Don’t wait until the last second and miss out!

  • entries are closed! We are currently reconciling the and updating the entry sheet.

  • Mid-round update - the prize pool was finalized at 1353 ark plus the 3 ledgers. Thanks for everyone who joined! There are lots of busted brackets thanks to the crazy first and second round. Good luck to everyone in the last few rounds.

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