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  • Introduction

    hi there i am Regtable from (not in india! lol) i have recently decided to start running a pool server and explorers for some lesser known coins and i feel running an ark delegate node as well as this would come in handy for me , my users and the ark community as a whole. i registered the delegate on the mobile app before actually knowing what it was for some reason i assumed it was registering a name to an address so i will have to learn how to get set up and share the profits but as of now i cannot say “I WILL GIVE 50% TO X PEOPLE” as i have no idea how to do this just yet. maybe someone will be able to assist me there.

    My Skills

    My skills include c++/js coding i have worked on the gui side of a few wallets and also core code for these. most recent work is a few discord bots for several coins of which i could add ark to the repertoire also.

    currently i am looking after a server with block explorers a pool and many many wallets and bots for discord.

    My Proposal

    my proposal is short. im here to mine and secure the network in any way i can. i also offer my services for discord bots or any explorers or pools that may be needed as a side to my delegation. "a vote for me is a vote vote for none of the above :-)"
    if i am selected to be a delegate the funds will not be dumped but strategically placed within the market maybe give some away to friends to set up their own delegate system. sharing is caring, my mantra is this, i am a developer developing what i can where i can to help the future of the human race evolve past the need for fiat and em-betterment of our species, as some of you may be aware that development comes at a cost wether it be hardware/just food and this will go towards building a better system of operation maybe even keep me away from a dreaded i.c.o!

    My Network Setup

    curently running on
    24gb ram
    crappy gpu (not really relevant right so long as i can see.?!?)
    24/7 uptime where possible.
    fibre optic connection 200+mbps


    so in summary im regtable nice to have met you. a vote for me is a vote for you! i will do everything within my power to make sure the node is up and running and processing those transactions you make. as outlined above i am not sure on the profit sharing but if there is a lot of coin going through my node i will be sure to share them out via discord or where ever possible even if it is to run an ark faucet.

    thanks in advance for the support/help received if you wish to come say hi drop me a line @ or pop into my discord

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