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  • Delegate Platform:

    Hi all I’m arkoar of the delegate. We’re a small team of two from the 🇺🇲United States. We’re a new delegate and look forward to working with the community to build ARK into something amazing. At this time we run 1 SaaS product and a development studio. We intend to use these experiences and resources to help improve the ARK Ecosystem and Community.

    We’ve been a part of crypto since the very beginning, but have really come to love the ARK community and platform. Ever since discovering what the ARK team had in store, we have been hooked. The ease of getting involved in the community and the generosity of all to help new comers has been what has kept us here. That is why we as a team have chosen to put our full efforts behind the ARK project.

    We hope to find a group of voters who want to with us, build a better ARK Ecosystem. Through our community discord, work with us to build ARK projects and bring the platform to life. Creating value through functionality and features.


    • 90% Payout(Block Rewards and Fees)
    • Vote refunds(post here within 72hrs)
    • Community Discord with very active team -
    • 72hrs After voting payouts begin
    • True Block Weight Payouts to Prevent Pool Hopping
    • .3 Minimum payout
    • 5 ARK Minimum balance

    1% - Server Costs(Will also go to expanding our node network)
    1% - Reserve Funds(Pays for Transaction Fees and anything else voters deem worthy)
    8% - Delegate Payout(Pays for future development of the delegate platform and other ARK Ecosystem projects chosen by the team, as well as maintaining the delegate network)

    🛠️OUR SKILLS🛠️
    The has worked in IT/Telco and Software Engineering for more than a decade. During that time both Arkoar and Outboard worked their way up from Junior Dev to CTO and now Founder, holding all the titles in between. That is where we met and for the past 2 years have worked together to build SaaS products and do consulting work. We work extremely well together and bring a lot to the table as developers and community members.

    We have become extremely fond of pair coding and do so many nights a week. Going forward we have scheduled nightly sessions of pair coding on the ArkEcosystem repos to collect bounties and help build a better Platform for everyone. This is so we can continue to put as much time as possible into making ARK the best platform it can be, by providing a rich choice of dapps and real world use cases.

    Our unique position as full time freelancers allows us to dedicate many hours to ARK projects, if we can fund them. While we love contributing to the community, in order to do this as much as we’d like to, we still have to find a way to make money and support our families. That is why we are putting up this delegate node. In hopes that we can team up with others and as a community, fund our work, and help push ARK to the top.

    We believe in being open and transparent, that is why we do a lot of our work in public. Sometimes that’s streaming live on Twitch @ where we will put ARK front and center. I also stream a feed of our daily work activities on exposing ARK to thousands of technical users every single day, the links are below.

    Beyond that we promise to provide a fair, open, and responsive sharing of all Block and Fee rewards to our voters.



    • OnGoing attention paid to the ArkEcosystem repos. Contributing in all areas where we can make improvements and bounty collecting.

    Phase 1: Launch Website and Delegate Node
    Phase 2: delegate platform improvements in order of importance

    • News/Notification Thread
    • Voter Information(Weight/Payout Status/ETC)
    • Payment History
    • Transaction Refund History
    • Explorer

    Phase 3: Loyalty Rewards - Earn points for consistently staking with us and spend them in the store for rewards.

    Phase 4: Bring our real world web 2.0 SaaS services to the ARK platform. (Real time decentralized chat & messaging API)


    Server Host: Linode
    CPU Speed: 2CPU Cores
    RAM: 2 GB
    Location: Newark, NJ
    Storage: 60GB SSD

    Server Host: Linode
    CPU Speed: 4CPU Cores
    RAM: 8GB
    Location: Newark, NJ
    Storage: 96GB SSD

    Server Host: Linode
    CPU Speed: 2CPU Cores
    RAM: 8 GB
    Location: Newark, NJ
    Storage: 96GB SSD

    Server Host: Linode
    CPU Speed: 2CPU Cores
    RAM: 2 GB
    Location: Newark, NJ
    Storage: 60GB SSD

    I see dapps as Web 3.0 and if ARK is the ship to get us there, as I believe it is, I want to be the oars that help power the ship forward. Building real world applications that will bring the platform to life.

    Our number one goal is to provide the best delegate services to our voters that we can. We strive to provide continuous updates and weekly deployments. We will always be responsive to your questions and your concerns. We’ll be responsible even when things go wrong. We will work for our voters, not the other way around.

    Thank you for your support,
    arkoar & outboard development team

  • We rolled out another release to the delegate platform today. Includes news feed to keep everyone updated when we begin payouts as well as some improvements to the node network and node/pool API’s to make building features in the delegate platform easier and more secure.

  • Good evening ARK Community. Today we continued our drive into improving our platform. We also made a release to the ARK Ecosystem for delegates. As we’ve been building out our platform, when we’ve been required to create tools to make our lives easier, we have been building them as open source libs, so we can share them with everyone.

    Our first Ecosystem Release is ark-pool-server-js - A JS Wrapper for the Delegate Pool Server. This release also completes the work we were doing on Payment History and Voter information which we’ll roll out as soon as we start forging and have some data to display.

    You can find it @

    We also released a blog post, on how to further secure your ARK nodes with SSL and protect from DDOS attacks using Cloudflare.

    Have a great evening. if you would like to support our work further, please vote for our delegate and help us reach the top 51.

  • Today our team spent time fixing bugs and collecting commit bounties. It’s a ton of fun, and you get paid to help make the Ark EcoSystem better! You should join us :)

  • I just want to say thank you, to voters who have instilled their trust in us and put us into a forging position. We will not let you down and we can now contribute in ways we’ve never imagined. We’re so excited! We look forward to bringing dapps to the platform and serving as your trusted delegate.

  • First payout including the 5% bonus will be posted, roughly 48hrs from now. Thanks

  • Payments for blocks 3941444 - 3973589 have gone out! thank you for your support. Payments included the 5% initial forging bonus. If you did not receive a payment, it is because you didn’t reach the .3 minimum. If you think this was a mistake please see us to get it corrected.

    Going forward payments will happen at about 09:30 EST / 15:30 GMT daily - Thanks -

  • We’ve made some updates to our delegate platform, and have completed work on true block weighted vote payouts.

  • Daily payments were made, thank you for your support!

    10:32:28.729 [info] Total Rewards: 469.16999999ARK
    10:32:28.729 [info] Paid Blocks: 3986746 - 3973638

  • Daily payments have been made. They went out a little early today as we’ll be away for a couple days visiting family for Easter. We thank you for your continued support.

    Total Rewards: 345.51ARK
    Blocks Paid: 3986796 to 3996489

    Arkoar & Outboard( team)

  • Daily payments have gone out. Thank you for your support.

    10:14:49.882 [info] Total Rewards: 422.00999999ARK
    10:14:49.882 [info] Paid Blocks: 3996559 - 4008132

  • Daily payments have been made. Thank you for your continued support!

    Total Rewards: 306.09000002ARK
    Paid Blocks: 4008188 - 4018254

  • Daily payments have been made. Thank you for your continued support!

    Total Rewards: 389.16ARK
    Paid Blocks: 4029063 - 4018303

  • Daily shares have been sent. Thank you for your support.

    10:09:31.306 [info] Total Rewards: 377.82ARK
    10:09:31.306 [info] Paid Blocks: 4039740 - 4029121

  • Daily shares have been sent. Thank you for your support.

    10:20:06.234 [info] Total Rewards: 384.03000001ARK
    10:20:06.234 [info] Paid Blocks: 4050543 - 4039798

    The team has also been awarded funding from the Ark Community Fund to build a hopper resistant true block weight delegate payment platform for all delegates which we’ll be releasing as opensource to the community soon.

    Arkoar & Outboard( team)

  • Daily voter rewards have been sent. Welcome to new voters.

    10:04:03.576 [info] Total Rewards: 378.09ARK
    10:04:03.577 [info] Paid Blocks: 4061210 - 4050600

  • Daily voter shares have been sent. Thank you for your support.

    10:04:29.066 [info] Total Rewards: 384.30000003ARK
    10:04:29.066 [info] Paid Blocks: 4061272 - 4072024

  • Daily voter shares have been sent. Thank you for your support.

    10:03:51.846 [info] Total Rewards: 385.29ARK
    10:03:51.846 [info] Paid Blocks: 407207 - 4082800

  • Daily voter rewards have been sent as well as a special 1 time reward to all voters. These are your current outstanding balances. We are in the process of switching over to our new disbursement system that we have been developing in conjunction with

    10:02:40.508 [info] Paid Blocks: 4093648 - 4104358

  • Daily rewards have been sent! Thanks for your continued support. We have also released our new disbursement application funded by the ACF.

    The app is provided open source by the ARK Community Fund and delegate team.

    Rewards are now being disbursed automatically using this new system and is the first step towards some major improvements to our delegate site.

  • We are going to discontinue daily payment posts. It’s a bit much, and you guys are all seeing your payments hit your wallets each day. No need to post here and clutter up the forum. If there are important things we’ll post here and keep you all updated.

    There is upcoming maintenance on our delegate node network, we’re going to take this time to upgrade the horsepower. There should be no missed blocks during the cut over if all goes to plan.

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