Уменьшаются Ark (estimation excl. bonus)

  • почему каждый день уменьшается Ark (estimation excl. bonus)?

  • @aleks said in Уменьшаются Ark (estimation excl. bonus):

    почему каждый день уменьшается Ark (estimation excl. bonus)?

    How many ark do I get, and why my amount is decreasing every day?

    The total USD amount is calculated in real time and it’s tied with Lisk price. If lisk go down a little the total USD on ARK-TEK(and also yours) will go down a little !On the other hand if Lisk goes up, the total USD will raise on ARK-TEC site(and yours of course)! :)

    Your ark amount, and everybody elses goes down with every new investor that comes in!
    A fixed amount of tokens(~94M) will be divided to more and more ppl that join ARK-TEC !
    But in the same time ark token value goes up !

    Anyway the amount of ARK on ARK-TEC are only estimations and final amount of ARK’s
    you will get will be calculated based on a average price of Lisk during all 5 weeks of ARK-TEC !
    Hope that helped !

  • Спасибо,за развёрнутый ответ!!

  • @aleks
    с удовольствием! :)

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