Erroneous translation

  • Hello, I mistakenly transferred from your account BTC (1FJngwi3jLMEcfgY3YSe3vSd1KxNG2z73G) to (BTC-ARK) - (1LpMPdWU1JcNXkV17MVSL1Ux3hfLu4o5zB) in quantity of 0.0211 BTC. Perhaps I return them to my account in the account My email BTC-ARK (1PEGPQPMnKwX3LVjQEcS3ZUnu2agrPwnXV)
    Thank you

  • Hello @Dante3113 !
    I am not sure what you are saying ! But if you have a problem with your transaction submit a message with your transaction details(TXID) at: and someone from our technical staff will help you !

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