deadlock ][ FORGING ][ daily 85% profit sharing, tx covered | 15% development and costs ][ True Block Weight & Fair Fees ][ Community developer and ARK Github contributor

  • I’d like to thank everyone for the continued support. I’m currently already on the 52nd spot and am really excited and grateful for the support! <3

    At the moment I have a little over 400.000 ARK power behind me and I started reaching out to everyone who showed interest supporting me when I start forging.

    If you haven’t reached out yet but are thinking of supporting me, DM me on ARK’s Sack, Twitter, or my delegate’s private Discord. If you have any questions/concerns/feedback I’m super happy to answer/hear it! 🖖

  • It’s only 7 days since my last update and I’m really happy and grateful to say that voting power behind me has increased significantly. At the moment of posting, I only need 284,625.95 more votes to get into the 52nd spot!

    I’d like to thank the ARK community for all of their support they have shown me with their votes, positive comments, feedback, and help. This community truly is one of a kind and we need to cherish and nurture it further so it stays like this when more people join in.

  • Ahoy, everyone! I’m grateful, excited and happy to say that since several hours ago I’ve be actively forging! 🍾 🎉

  • I’ve just upgraded the relay node and will now be upgrading the forging node to the same, more powerful specs. I’m not expecting any downtime. I’ve updated the stats of my new nodes in the proposal.

  • Upgrade complete.

    FROM 2vCPU and 4GB memory
    TO 6vCPU and 16GB memory

  • I’m really happy to announce that two very good friends of mine (commanderkeen and napoo) are joining deadlock delegate to help me with the work. They will be working on improving and adding new features to so I can focus more time to investigate what work is needed and how much time would ARK Chrome wallet take to build.

    New ideas what else can we add to the ARK’s Ecosystem are already brewing, but I’ll share more about that in the upcoming weeks.

    Thank you again for your support and for trusting in us.🖖

  • New update!

    • we’re responsible for writing up the new official python client for ARK
    • yesterday roks0n presented ARK along with delegate Chris on OTS conference in Maribor, Slovenia -> pics to follow. Chris was presenting ARK in general and v2. roks0n was presenting ACES.
    • we’re actively helping to keep devnet up and running
    • figuring out how ACES works and dockerizing its services which will make it even easier to get it up and running

  • We payed our last 90% profit share today and moving forward our payout structure will look as follows:

    • 75% will be share with our voters
    • 10% will be shared directly with ACF for their relay fund and bounties
    • 15% will be kept by us to cover additional relays costs and further developments

    At the time when we shared 90% we were ranning 5 nodes and 2 additional VPS for and other services built by Ark committee. Moving onwards we will spin up 5 additional relays nodes. We will make sure our relays are alwasy in sync and uptime, same as we do with our forging node.

    Starting 1st of October we’ll also be releasing monthly reports containing:

    • Acomplishments in the previous month
    • Plans for the next month
    • Breakdown of costs

    To read more why we’ve decided to change our payouts please read the pledge we’ve made together with Cryptology and The Golden horde:

    Thank you for being out voters so far and we hope to bring more stability, security and developments to Ark. <3

  • Just to given an update that I’ve adjusted the payout percent almost 2 months ago from 75% to 85% but forgot to modify it on the forums.

  • Thank You for the help!! I enjoy seeing what you are adapting towards the arkio community. Keep up the good work!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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