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    I’m VonHazze or Erik Bernhardt. I have an idea that seems a perfect fit for Blockchain technology and for Ark. I am a lover of live music and an avid concert goer and attend many other live events. One of the most common issues I’ve encountered is knowing if you are buying a legitimate ticket if not purchased from the box office or major ticket retailer. Rarely do I attempt to attend an event without a pre-purchased ticket but from time to time it happens. When it does, it is always a nervous situation until you safely walk through the doors. I have always Tortuga Fest in FL and had 2 friends purchase counterfeit tickets at close to $300 a piece that’s quite a hit to take for 22-year-olds. Luckily they are beautiful girls and were able to cry their way in with the help of concert promoters with a heart.

    How can this be avoided…BLOCKCHAIN! I am starting here as directed and hope to get some feedback about this concept and the possibilities of Ark making this a reality for all of us. Concerts are not the only area this would aid. In essence, any live event selling tickets would immensely benefit from this service. Baseball comes to mind as an industry greatly flooded with counterfeits. Coming from scalpers and through the use of secondary market vendors. Think of this as a StubHub that could not be could not be counterfeited. The postive benefits this would give to this community and those not yet aware of blockchain would be tremendous.

    Other than eliminating fake tickets, the immediate transfer of transactions offered by the blockchain, in this case, Ark, would help those caught up in an unexpected emergency and would minimize the negative impact of such an emergency. Imagine you are on the way to see Beyonce’ with your wife who has been waiting for this day for months, it’s all she can talk about. You are on your way to Yankee stadium close to the Bronx and BAM, you just got rear ended 15 miles away from the GWB. Now the S#!+ has hit the proverbial fan! Not only is your evening ruined but you just lost $1000 for the 2 tickets you are holding and will no longer be using tonight. Well with a lil bit o help from the blockchain you can connect to the Ark ticket exchange site post 2 Tixs for Beyonce’ and bingo not only are you having the seats be filled but you just reclaimed your $1000. Now that might not keep tears from the eyes of your Mrs but it will still help pay for your deductible.

    There are countless other events, situations, and use cases for such a service. I have no skills to implement this on my own as I can not for the life of me figure out how to even use GitHub yet. I believe strongly that this services would be a huge help to anyone that may ever attend a live event. Tickets are more expensive every day and the impact of reducing fake and unused tickets would be vast and immensely beneficial.

    I am bringing this up in hopes that this may catch someone’s eye and place it in the right hands to bring this to life before someone else does, as I have no doubt that this will become a reality, just a matter of whos reality.

    Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from someone.


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