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  • Hi everyone,

    I’d like to introduce along with my vision, goals, and motivation behind it.

    The idea for ARKdelegates came about after I had a hard time deciding which delegate should I vote. ARK forum is hard to follow, and it felt a bit overwhelming. You see the initial proposal and a bunch of posts/updates and it’s a pain to scroll down and see what they are and what’s the current status of that delegate.

    Besides what I mentioned above a lot of hard-working delegates don’t seem to get a lot of the attention from newcomers, especially if they aren’t active on social media. So hopefully ARKdelegates gives equal opportunity to all and also in a way educations newcomers that it’s not all about profit sharing, but also what a delegate is doing for the community and ARK ecosystem.

    Check the project:

    Current state is an MVP which I did to see how the community and delegates will react to it. Fortunately, feedback was great! I received a lot of support and suggestions over DM from delegates and non-delegates (thank you all)! The visitors to the website also kept steadily at around 15 per day. Keep in mind that this is still without any big promotion and I’m sure the majority of ARK voters still don’t know about it. The website is currently ranking around 18th spot for keywords “ark delegates” on, and this is without much SEO efforts (only a little bit of on-site SEO, but there’s still a lot of room from improvements).

    The website is also a NEUTRAL place to find delegate related information. I do not promote my own delegate (deadlock) directly through the website and I intend to keep it that way.

    Short-term goals will continue being a neutral go-to place for all delegate related information and will become the main source of information. I’ll keep working on improving the experience and quality of information on the site. You can find all current tickets/ideas publicly available on Trello, and if you want to add your tickets (or vote for the one you wish to have higher priority), you can do so by joining the board using the following link.

    Feedback, ideas, opinions (good/bad) are all very welcome! I want this to be a community-driven project that adds value to the ARK ecosystem.

    Long-term goals

    Based on our learnings from, I want to create a fork named DelegateWatcher (still just a working name) which will be customizable to the extent that any ARK sidechain will be able to deploy and run their version of The “DelegateWatcher” can be readjusted (colors, API servers, etc.) and deployed by all ARK sidechains.

    Other ideas that I’d like to explore:

    How can you help

    • Programming - note that at the moment I don’t need a lot of help with the project and it might be better if you can focus on other great projects from the community
    • Spread the word (if you see people on social media, e.g., Reddit/Twitter/Telegram, asking about what ARK delegate to vote)
    • If you’re a delegate and didn’t yet claim your account on, do it! 🙂
    • If you’re writing blog posts (or have written) about ARK delegates and ARK’s DPOS, give ARKdelegates a mention
    • Join the Trello board using the following invite link which will allow you to vote, comment and create tickets
    • Vote for deadlock delegate so I can dedicate more of my time to ARKdelegates and other ARK projects

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