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    Hello fellow Arkies, I’m Cryptalope of the Ark.Business Delegate. Ark.Business is a team of two, focused on business outreach, onboarding, and development with a forte in digital marketing. Before we dive into our proposal, we want to tell you a little more about who we are and what we plan to do for the Ark Ecosystem.

    I have been involved in the Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain scene since early 2014. The ideas behind a decentralized, self-sufficient, distributed economy and subeconomies created by the blockchain are what have attracted me to the industry and I believe it will truly change the world. I have been employed in the financial industry for 10+ years and hold degrees in both finance and economics from a well-respected university. In 2015, I briefly stepped away from the financial industry in order to advise a blockchain startup that was featured in Time Magazine, Forbes, and many other high profile publications. I have since taken a role with a large bank that is heavily focused on blockchain tech behind the scenes.

    My partner, Jamma, is the founder and CEO of a digital marketing agency, focused on bringing SEO and paid advertising to small and mid-sized businesses. She has a marketing degree from a well-recognized university and after working her way up to Director of Marketing - Vice President at a large agency, she decided to spin off her own agency to pursue her dream of owning her own business. Jamma has since grown to a team of eight and has two agency locations. In 2015 she discovered blockchain and has never turned back. Her next challenge is showing the world what Ark has instore.

    In late 2017, after a month long, top down investment analysis of the top 150 coins and tokens, we decided to invest a large chunk of fiat into Ark because of the team, community, and vision this project has. With v2 around the corner, we now feel it is the perfect time to launch our delegate in order to attract new businesses, utility tokens, developers, and ICOs to the Ark platform.


    As stated above, our skills revolve around digital marketing, blockchain strategy, as well as outreach, onboarding, and development of new businesses, utility tokens, developers, and ICOs. Owning a digital marketing agency provides us with an entire team and the resources needed to reach these target markets. Our knowledge and experience in blockchain tech allows us to speak to businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, and developers on a technical level, while our vast experience in SEO, paid search, content creation, social media marketing, and email marketing means we will be proactive in reaching these groups. Instead of sitting on our hands hoping for adoption, our delegate will be a voice for Ark, reaching out to new clients and users far and wide.


    • 90% True Share (block rewards + fees) for Voters
    • Transaction Fees Covered
    • True Block Weight
    • Weekly Payouts
    • 1 Ark Minimum Payout
    • 5 ARK Minimum Balance

    Our proposal revolves around the concept that the most efficient way to mass adoption is through onboarding new businesses, utility tokens, developers, and ICOs. Attracting these groups to build dapps, software, and tools within the Ark Ecosystem will subsequently attract new users. There is a lot of competition though and before this can happen, businesses, utility tokens, developers, and ICOs must first learn about Ark and all of its unique features and advantages. This is exactly how we can help.

    Website Creation

    We will develop the website Ark.Business. This will be a professional and educational website and will serve as a hub for our marketing efforts. It will allow our target markets to learn about Ark and how it can benefit their unique needs. Traffic from our digital marketing efforts will be directed to this site and will fall into a sales funnel with different content directed at different businesses, utility tokens, developers, and ICOs. All traffic and website stats will be make public to the entire community.

    Digital Marketing Strategy

    We will develop, deploy, and continuously run a full digital marketing strategy with the goal of attracting and onboarding new targets and projects to the Ark Ecosystem. We know how important marketing is to any company and Ark is no different. This is our bread and butter and where the majority of our effort will be spent. We will provide consistent marketing updates and stats to the entire community, showcasing all of our efforts and remaining transparent.

    Our fear is that the true technology and vision of the Ark Ecosystem can get lost in the sea of shills, vaporware, and overhyped projects currently being built. Ark.Business aims to fix this by driving attention to the Ark Ecosystem. We know that the tech developed by the Ark team and community will speak for itself once users experience it, but users must first know about Ark in order to see how great it truly is. We MUST get the Ark vision and message out to the right people in the right way. Our digital marketing experience and strategy will help accomplish this.

    Content Creation

    Content creation is key for our marketing and onboarding efforts. We plan to provide the following, as well as many others, not just for our own use but also for the entire community:

    • Blog posts
    • Press releases
    • Professional graphics
    • Email templates
    • Educational videos
    • Promotional videos
    • Printed brochures/handouts
    • Various advertisement copy

    Business Services

    In an effort to onboard businesses smoothly, we will offer various services free of charge. These services range from one-on-one business chat sessions, all the way to node creation, sidechain launching, and delegate services. We want to lower the barriers to entry as far as possible even if this means doing most of the legwork.

    In addition, we plan to become delegates for various sidechains, helping launch their projects into the world. We will request to be paid in Ark and will exchange any other tokens or coins earned into Ark, further increasing Ark’s demand.

    CPUs: 4
    Memory: 8 GB
    Bandwidth: 5 TB

    CPUs: 2
    Memory: 6 GB
    Bandwidth: 3 TB


    We have all heard the calls on various media sites for more Ark marketing. The key is not necessarily more marketing, it is well placed and well timed marketing. With v2 days/weeks away, now is the time for Ark to make its move. By focusing our efforts on attracting our targets markets to build amazing things within the Ark Ecosystem, we will undoubtedly attract new users and gain market share, propelling Ark forward as a market leader. The Ark.Business Delegate has the technical skills as well as business and blockchain experience needed to attract and onboard new businesses, utility tokens, developers, and ICOs. With your vote, we can help make Ark the number one choice for all things blockchain.

    Email: support@Ark.Business
    Slack: Cryptalope (Ark.Business)
    Reddit: Cryptalope

  • Ark.Business url has been purchased and development of the main website has begun. Looking for voters to put us in forging position so we can set up PPC campaigns and start the SEO work behind the scenes. Thanks for your consideration and help getting Ark out to the world!

  • Moved up to rank 95! Thank you voter!

  • Up to rank 74! Thanks to the new wallet that voted for us. Getting close to forging as we continue to work on our website and digital marketing strategy.

  • We are up to rank 56 and only 5 spots away from forging! Thank you for your votes and all the support we have been getting. We can’t wait to really dig in.

  • We have already moved up 2 more spots to spot 54. Thank you to the larger wallets who came in to back us. We will be sharing 100% of all rewards for the first week to show our appreciation!

  • We are looking for a few larger wallets to support us. We are offering 100% for the first week of forging, then will share 90% ongoing. The 10% we keep will be spent on digital marketing and SEO in order to get the Ark message and brand out to the masses. Any support is greatly appreciated!

  • We are now actively forging! Thank you for the support, especially to our large backer who moved us into position. We are extremely grateful and excited to get to work.

    We plan to release our website as well as our marketing plan within the month. At that point we will get to work spreading the Ark word and onboarding new users, businesses, and developers. Thanks again for all the love and support!

  • Ark.Business would like to start by thanking the community and our voters for the constant love and support. It goes without saying that we couldn’t do this without you! As a thank you, we have made our first payment at 100% share (fees + forged) so all of our voters should have enjoyed a nice payout. If there are any issues, please reach out to us directly here or at

    Our rise into forging position was fast and filled with excitement. While we missed a few blocks to start, we have since been operating smoothly with a 99%+ efficiency. We we’re actually out on vacation when we were voted into forging position. It is great to be back home though to make our first payment run and we are all rested up for the work that lies ahead. We have continued to work on our website, Ark.Business, which we hope to release in the coming weeks. Our team has also begun to dive into keyword research as well as put together the beginning of our marketing plan and roadmap. Usually the planning stages are the toughest and longest but as we make progress we will continue to update the community.

    Everything thus far has come out of our own time and pocket so we are excited to start keeping some of our forged Ark to throw a little gas on the fire. We will not be liquidating Ark though; instead we will pay our team and contractors in fiat while holding onto the Ark. This will help keep supply down and since we believe in Ark so much, it’s the best investment we can make.

    We do have a few more sticker packs remaining and are looking for more voters, so if you are looking for an active delegate focused on marketing, we would love your support!

    As always, if anything is needed from our voters or fellow community members just let us know.

    Until next time,


  • Making good progress on our website. Will be updating in the next few weeks, stay tuned!

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