arkcommerce delegate - public pool - 90% block share reward with hourly payouts - 0.1 ARK payout threshold - payout fees covered - tx fee reimbursements - e-commerce focus

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    With the goals of providing reliable ARK Mainnet transaction verification, raising the bar for ARK delegacy, and furthering the development of valuable services for online retailers delving into crypto currency payments, the arkcommerce delegate has been registered by the ARKCommerce team.


    arkcommerce is an open public pool with 90% profit sharing* of forged ARK stemming from block rewards, imposing only the 0.1 ARK threshold for payouts which happen roughly every hour at a block forged by the delegate node. Voter share is calculated using true block weight and all payout fees are fully covered*.

    When the delegate attains forging status (ranks among top-51 nodes in terms of voters’ combined balance), we will be able to provide transaction fee reimbursements* to voters who use our node for transaction broadcasting, including initial voting* and second passphrase registration fees*. To become eligible, the only action required by the voter is a one-time setup of their ARK Desktop Client, guide on which will be published at the time forging commences.
    *Registered delegate wallets excluded in order to prevent abuse


    The website provides voters with an application that allows for detailed insight into delegate payouts and exportable voter history report generation. There are no user accounts involved since all information is completely public.


    ARKCommerce, the ACF backed project that resulted in the release of a WooCommerce ARK Payment Gateway Plugin utilising ARK and DARK blockchains. The plugin has seen two updates since launch and the project is still far from over; there are exciting new ARK core updates coming with v2, and ARKCommerce intends to keep up with the ecosystem’s pace by implementing regular upgrades, improvements, and optimisations that aim to culminate in an increasingly cleaner product that is aligned with ARK core values.

    The delegate wishes to support all online merchants interested in ARKCommerce, with the key focus area of raising awareness about the possibilities of using the ARK blockchain as a viable means of payment in e-commerce. We would like to become synonymous with simple cryptocurrency payment processing, and eventually expand into push-button deployable blockchains based on the ARK platform’s architecture. The ultimate goal is to provide a turnkey solution for payment gateways using various blockchains, as well as branch out into different e-commerce platforms.


    Please consider voting for arkcommerce delegate with your ARK wallet balance to support us in our future endeavours.

    If you are reluctant to cast your vote immediately, you may pledge to do so in the future when the delegate receives sufficient popular support. To pledge your vote, send 1 arktoshi transaction to delegate address AGSNhDkqjXdsQMWQgu9G1RFWy9FavaXXsb and enter ‘pledge’ into the smartbridge field (without quotes). All pledges shall be notified via a transaction once the delegate gathers enough support to enter top-51. Current dashboard is available on the link.


    2-man team based in GMT and CET time zones
    Number of Mainnet nodes: 4 (2 relays, 2 forgers)
    Number of Devnet nodes: 2 (relay, forger)
    Node monitoring: YES (passive and active)
    Experience: 7m of running ARK nodes, 12m ecosystem presence
    Contact: @spikarija(arkcommerce) on Arkecosystem Slack, or shoot an email to info(at)arkcommmerce(dot)net

  • Staying true to our intention of being totally transparent, we chose to keep everything about delegate payouts completely public. Since there are no voter-adjustable parameters due to relatively high frequency of payouts (hourly), low payout threshold (0.1 ARK), and complete payout fee coverage (what-you-stake-is-what-you-get), there is no need for gathering, verifying, and maintaining any superfluous web application user accounts.

    We have provided a short demo preview of the UX for both available voter-facing applications, the Payout app and Report app, so voters can gain insight into what to expect. Please follow the Demo page link on the delegate website for a quick read accompanied with screenshots.

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