Delegate Cryptology – Providing Ark Infrastructure and 90% Profit Sharing

  • Introduction

    My name is Marc, you have probably seen me in the ArkEcosystem Slack as @Marc, on GitHub as wownmedia or on Reddit as u/marcs1970. I have been an Arky since November 2017 (HODLing) and became an active part of this community in April 2018. I like to contribute to Ark where I can and you might have seen some of the things I have done:

    • Ark development bounty #1 place in July 2018
    • Darknet node ‘Cryptology’ during the tests of V1/V2 hybrid network
    • Developer of the ArkTippr Reddit Ark tipbot

    Like many Arkies I come from the Netherlands, but own a small private company called Cryptology ltd, based in Hong Kong (which is why my delegate is named ‘cryptology’).

    My Skills

    I have graduated my B.Sc Telematics Engineering and delivered my thesis on ‘Problem & Performance management for international frame-relay networks’ in 1997. Until late 2003 I have served several roles in data communication infrastructure environments, among them designing a nationwide data communication infrastructure for a GSM provider, CTO of a managed hosting company, VP of interconnections for a European ADSL network provider. Since 2003 I have been permanently travelling the world while focusing on the development of Internet projects (developing web applications such as an Online dating site, E-commerce sites, Online magazines and recently dApps and projects such as ArkTippr.

    Tl:dr: I know my way around servers, data communication and software development.

    My Proposal

    Ark is building an ecosystem where anybody can simply create and run a new blockchain… without needing to know anything. To make Ark really accessible to anybody they should also not have to think about the setup and management of their server infrastructure. I believe I can make a difference here with your help:

    90% True Block weight, daily payouts of minimum 0.5 Ark. With the remaining 10% I will sponsor a number of Ark related activities:

    • I want to experiment with several node server setups to discover weaknesses and strenghts and come up with tested setups that everybody can copy. This is a continuous process.

    • Like does for WP sites I want to use a part of my forging rewards to sponsor infrastructure for anybody who likes to run or test with an Ark sidechain. I will develop a process for this.

    • I will provide a stable and high-uptime node infrastructure to Ark Mainnet and Ark Devnet: multiple nodes, spread across different datacenters.

    • I will build tools that will benefit the Ark Ecosystem, like the addition of a Twitter bot, OTC trading and exchange options to ArkTippr.

    Cryptology Ark infrastructure

    Currently I am running the following setup (which will be expanded once cryptology is in forging position)

    Mainnet Node – forger

    • Intel® Xeon® E3-1270 v6
    • 4 Cores (HT) x 3,8 Ghz
    • Hardware RAID 1 - 800 GB (2 x 800 GB SATA SSD)
    • 32GBDDR4
    • Location: Germany

    Mainnet Node – relay

    • 3.0 GHz Intel Xeon Platinum with AVX-512
    • High network performance with Intel 82599 VF Enhanced Networking Support
    • SSD
    • 4Gb memory
    • Location: Oregon

    Devnet Node – relay

    • Intel Xeon E5-2666 v3 (Haswell)
    • High network performance with Intel 82599 VF Enhanced Networking Support
    • 4Gb memory
    • location: Ireland

    Database Server

    • Intel Xeon
    • 1Gb memory
    • Continuous backup for ArkTippr


    • Dedicated, limiting database server access to only the node servers and Internet traffic to the nodes only on ports 22 (SSH), 4001-4003 (Ark nodes)


    Cryptology delegate will contribute to a better Ark infrastructure, help the setup of Ark sidechains in a way that has not been done yet and will provide great applications like ArkTippr to our ecosystem. All I need is your confidence to make this happen: vote cryptology.

  • @Marc You are a valuable part of the Ark community and you show it first hand on a regular basis. The entirety of the Ark Ecosystem is better for having you in it. You are also a pleasure to communicate and work with. I wish you all the luck in the world on your path to forging status. Cheers and kudos Marc!

  • @Marc I’m really happy to see you decided to run a delegate. I think your skills are very valuable and most definitely needed. In the past few months, you’ve been really a highly engaged member of the community and active code contributor as well.

    I hope you get voted in asap, you surely deserve it. All the best!

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