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    I’ve been holding Ark since mid-2017 and, although I’m not that talkative on Slack (yet!), I check in there every day and I’ve been running a forging devnet node since last year. I have been actively developing my own projects using Ark for over a year and have also assisted and contributed to pentesting bounties in the Ark Core codebase to help make Ark more secure.


    I want to bring value to the Ark Ecosystem, and one way of achieving that is to help new people board the Ark for free. My proposal is to provide a fun way (hence the name of the delegate) to help people engage with Ark without any initial financial investment, hopefully capturing their interest and growing the ecosystem as a result.

    To do this, I propose to launch a series of HTML5 games that are playable within the user’s web browser or on their mobile phone/tablet. These Ark-themed games will pay out Ark to the highest-scoring players each day. So far I have one - a Match 3 game - already finished and ready to roll, and you may have already seen the biz-themed version of the game running as part of my self-funded giveaway to voters of biz_classic and biz_private to give something back to the community. More games are planned and I would love to hear from the Ark community regarding possible ideas to expand the collection over time.

    The response to the pilot Match 3 game was really positive with over 1000 plays in the first 24 hours alone. I’d like to extend it to the wider community but I can’t afford to keep paying the prizes out of my own pocket, so running a delegate would mean I can allocate a fixed percentage of the forged rewards to pay out the prizes and keep the games sustainable long term.

    In the long term, I envision 3 games being available at any one time, and the three games will change in rotation to keep things fresh. With 3 games available, 5 Ark will be paid daily to the winners of each of the three games at midnight UTC each day. This prize will be boosted by 50% (7.5 Ark) if the winner is a voter of the delegate that is holding at least 50 Ark in their wallet. The player must have already been voting for the delegate with at least 50 Ark at the time the score was set, and must continue to do so by midnight UTC when the payout is made to be eligible for the boosted prize.

    However, as there is only one game ready in the beginning, the prize fund will stand at 14 Ark daily, boosted to 21 Ark for those who meet the above requirements.

    When a second game is added, this will be reduced to 7 Ark (boosted to 10.5 Ark, subject to the above rules) until eventually the third game is added, by which time the above mentioned payout scheme will be rolled out.

    Any surplus Ark from the prize fund (i.e. whenever a non-boosted prize amount is paid) will be added to a future jackpot game exclusively for voters of the delegate, or for special events.


    If I am voted as a forging delegate, the profit sharing will be as follows:

    ► 90% of the forging rewards will be shared with voters using a true-block weight algorithm
    ► 5% of the forging rewards will be allocated to the daily prize fund
    ► 5% of the forging rewards will cover administrative costs and further game R&D


    Prizes will be paid at 00:00 UTC every day as long as the delegate is forging.
    Forging rewards will initially be paid weekly, subject to a minimum amount of 0.3 Ark, but will move to a daily schedule shortly after forging commences.


    Feel free to ping me on Slack with any queries you may have. I’m @alessio.

    Delegate name: fun

    Match 3

  • Voters of the fun delegate can play the first game RIGHT NOW with a reduced prize of 5 Ark paid out of my own pocket. Non-delegate voters will be able to play if the delegate makes it to the top 51.

  • Thank you so much to those who have voted for fun already! The delegate is up to rank 54 now and the Match 3 game is ready to be released to the whole community if it reaches the top 51.

    The second game - which will be dedicated to a certain member of the Ark team - is already well under way and I hope to bring you more details soon!

  • Now in the top 51! Thanks a lot to all of the supporters! The first game is now available for everyone to play at

  • The first payout of forging rewards has now taken place! This was a weekly payout for everybody in order to allow for time to thoroughly test the payout system.

    Going forward, voter rewards will be paid (minus Ark’s 0.1 Ѧ transaction fee) daily for any voter who has earned at least 3 Ѧ in rewards and weekly for any voter who has accumulated at least 0.3 Ѧ. This is so big voters get their payouts more regularly while protecting those with smaller wallets from getting hit with daily fees.

    Voter reward sharing payouts are scheduled to take place at 08:00 UTC. Prize payouts occur at 00:00 UTC.

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